Wedding Table Plans

Paper Baker’s exclusively designed Wedding Table Plans are both stylish and practical.  The intricate art of laser-cutting is used to inscribe the bride and groom’s names, as well as the all-important wedding date.  
Decorative, open frames within the Plan, allow customers to simply “print and mount” their guest table lists themselves resulting in an easy-to-achieve, professional finish. The unique design of our Table Plan avoids any last-minute panic from unexpected seating alterations.  Simply re-print your guest list and re-mount!  (Once printed, guest lists should be bonded to the reverse of the product to create a neat finish.)
Our Table Plans have also proved ideal for weddings abroad - produced from A3 sheets, and packaged in sturdy, card packaging - they are convenient to transport.
(Please note that the picture frames and mirrors used in our website images are not supplied.  These are for illustrative purposes only.  Guest name printing is not included but is available at an additional cost.)
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Wedding Table Plans
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